Stormtroopers, Pet Rocks, and Puppets: Twin Cities Book Fest 2015

I always tell myself to write event recap posts sooner after the events themselves so that I remember, but I failed on that a lot this time. 🙈 So this will be brief, and mostly pictures. (I just want to share these pictures)

tcbfposterThe Twin Cities Book Fest is a book event that happens in the twin cities ever year! This year the event was on October 17th, and it was the second year of the Red Ballon Bookshop running a teen and middle grade area. Last year I only attended the event, but this year I was a volunteer so I got all the special ~backstage access~

We started off in the morning with two authors who had written official “Star Wars” books, but the most exciting part of that for me is there was a guy there dressed up as a stormtropper! I got a picture.

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Twin Cities Book Festival 2014

Since You've Been Gone Signed

Isla and the Happily Ever After Signed

The Young Elites Signed

Last saturday I went to the Twin Cities Book Festival (held at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds) specifically to attend the events in the area they called the “teen tent.” The authors I saw speak were Stephenie Perkins, Morgan Matson, Marie Lu and Andrea Cremer, but I also breifly met many others.

It was so much fun to meet all these great authors and hear them talk about their books. The teen part of the festival was organized by the Red Ballon Bookshop and I hope they manage to do it again next year!

Also, Stephanie Perkins said she liked my outfit, which was pretty awesome.

Marie LuMorgan MatsonStephanie Perkins

Some cool facts I learned:

  • Morgan Matson named all the couples in her book with descending alphabet letters at the start of their names (E,F – Emily, Frank) and only noticed it later.
  • The paperback edition of Morgan Matson’s Since You’ve Been Gone will contain ‘deleted scenes.’ Super excited to read those!
  • The character in Stephanie Perkins’ third book was originally going to be named Martha.
  • Andrea Cremer hates Peter Pan and thinks Artificial Intelligence is very scary.
  • In a rebellion, Marie Lu’s ideal place would be in the establishment as a spy for the resistance.
  • Marie Lu had a hard time picking out ‘superpowers’ for her characters in The Young Elites, and to do so she went through wikipedia lists of superpowers. (And found out about some pretty funny ones while doing so) She also tried to expand on the powers she chose.


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