Review Policy

If you are an author or publisher who would like me to review your book, that’s wonderful! You can email me at tamaraniac [at] yahoo [dot] comBut before you send me an email, make sure to read what I take into consideration.

I am also open to participating in author interviews, giveaways, and blog tours. I would prefer that the books for any of these promotional features be Young Adult fiction. If you are interested in this please email me with all the information and I will consider it.

Statistics: As of May 2016 I have 700+ twitter followers, 1000+ instagram followers, 350+ followers of my blog through tumblr, 140+ followers on goodreads, 30+ email followers, and an average of 800 monthly pageviews on my blog.

Books I like to read (and review) include Young Adult and Middle Grade. I prefer science fiction, fantasy and contemporary over any sort of historical fiction or non-fiction, but I may consider those genres depending on the topic of the book.

I accept ARCs and finished copies in physical format.

I do not accept books that deal heavily with themes of mental illness, religion, addiction/drugs, death or anything with overly sexual content.

My reviews are all entirely honest. If I love the book I will say why I love it, and if I don’t like the book I will explain why I didn’t enjoy it. My reviews are always respectful and I will never attack an author.

My reviews generally include:

  • A picture of the book.
  • The book’s basic information. (Author, publisher, format which I read, date the book will be published (If it is an ARC), and how I acquired the book)
  • The book’s synopsis, copied from either goodreads or the cover of the book.
  • A star rating.
  • A few paragraphs detailing what I thought about the book.

All of my reviews are posted here as well as on goodreads. I generally do not write DNF reviews.

Rating System

☆ = I really did not enjoy reading this book / I had large problems with it.

☆ = I didn’t really like this book. Sometimes when I use this rating I disliked the book, and sometimes I use this rating when I just didn’t care about the book that much or found it a little bit boring. It probably had a few good aspects.

 = It was a pretty good book, and I liked it. I would recommend this book to someone who likes its genre. I probably wouldn’t read it again, and if it is part of series I may or may not continue the series.

☆ = A book that I genuinely enjoyed. I would gladly recommend this book. If it is part of a series I will most likely pick up the next book.

 = I really loved this book and/or it impacted me somehow. Probably one of my new favorite books. I will most likely read it again, and would highly recommend it to anyone. If it has a sequel I will find that book and read it as soon as possible. This is usually the type of book that I want EVERYONE to read because it was so good.