DOGU preview image
Tamara Nelson-Fromm, Robert Altman, Will Koster, Justin Ruan
DOGU is a site where students and organizations can add technical project ideas in hopes of finding class project teams to work on them, and students can find projects to work on and teams to work with for class assignments. The first iteration of DOGU was built as a class project for the Spring 2019 session of Database Systems at the University of Illinois, using PostgreSQL, React, and Python. It is currently being piloted for use by the Summer 2019 session of the course.
HourGlass preview image
Ti-Chung Cheng, Joon Sung Park, Jeffrey Tsai, Tamara Nelson-Fromm, Kevin Su, Dave Simley
HourGlass is a site that interfaces with the API of the web extension RescueTime in order to provide a more meaningful and visually appealing depiction of the time a user spends online. It was created as a course project for the Fall 2018 session of User Interface Design at the University of Illinois utilizing primarily d3.js. I created the ‘Weekly Overview’ portion of the site, in which a user can view a concise summary of their last three weeks of activity.