Fall 2016 TV Shows I Want to Watch


Ah, new fall shows. The trailers I see everywhere, the shows that look interesting, all the pilots I watch in the first few weeks before I become too busy to keep up with any television at all… I usually compile a list of the shows that I want to watch, and today I thought I would share my list of the most promising fall 2016 TV! I probably won’t actually watch any of these until summer… But it’s fun to pick out which I’d actually like to see.

Today I am linking up with the Broke and the Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday feature as their topic this week is all about television shows! So grab some popcorn, because I have a whole list of trailers for you to watch.

Designated Survivor (ABC)

Of all the new shows premiering this fall, this is probably the one that I want to watch the most. Political TV dramas aren’t a huge interest of mine or anything (besides the recent Braindead) but I love this premise of someone who never thought they’d be, and was never really meant to be, the president suddenly having to take over the role.

Designated survivors are totally a real thing too. It’s sort of morbidly fascinating.

Mech X4 (Disney XD)

I kind of love Disney’s live action shows. Some of them are outright terrible, I will admit, but occasionally there are some that have some actually great moments. This is one of very few coming this fall, and it looks pretty intriguing to me. It could be good… As long as it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Pitch (Fox)

I don’t think I have actually watched a Fox show since Glee. From this trailer, Pitch looks a lot more like a movie to me than a 20 episode television show, but it still seems promising. The premise is that the main character is the first ever woman to be a Major League Baseball player. I’m interested to see what kind of longer plot this show will come up with.

Time After Time (ABC)

Every major network seems to have a time travel show this season. Fox’s Making History, (which is so extremely not my style) NBC’s Timeless, … Even CW’s Frequency appears to have time travel elements. I don’t know why there has been a sudden rise in time travel plots, but most of them feature characters from the present traveling to the past. Time After Time, in contrast, shows characters from the past in the present, which I find much more fun. This is one I might ultimately skip, but I want to at least watch the pilot.

Luke Cage (Netflix)

I actually have yet to watch any of the Netflix original shows. But I think the upcoming Luke Cage would be a great place to start. A darker Marvel superhero who spends his time as a vigilante for just his specific neighborhood.

APB (Fox)

I’m cheating a little on this one since I believe this is actually slated to premiere in mid-season, not fall. APB centers around a police force who some sort of tech-creating billionaire (I think? It’s unclear from the trailer) essentially buys control over, before tricking it out with a bunch of cool gadgets to help the law enforcers be able to do their jobs better and more efficiently. This essentially looks like a more legitimate version of Person of Interest, but I do enjoy cop shows with a twist, so I’ll be trying it out.

What TV Shows or Movies are you looking forward to this fall?

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Mockingjay Pt. II Movie Review

My main impression of this movie is that it was so. intense. Partly because the part of the book it covers is very tense and emotional and scary, but also partly because I had read the book and knew what was going to happen.There were scenes I was just dreading. The whole time I felt like I was waiting for people to be attacked and for certain characters to die.

Unlike a lot of people, I did enjoy the Mockingjay book. In fact, it may or may not be my favorite book in the series. (I tend to really like series conclusions in general) I feel like the whole of Mockingjay, especially the ending, just really fit with the overall theme and story of the series. While the ending didn’t make sense to a lot of people I’ve talked to, it has always made sense to me. In the movie, I felt that parts of it made even more sense that they had in the book. President’s Coin hatred of Katniss was made more obvious, so it was easier to see how the ending came about.

One thing I really did dislike about the movie is that I feel like it really glossed over all the main character death. I understand that a lot of it was really in the moment, and that the other characters had to keep going, but the emotion of the deaths didn’t hit me nearly as much as they did in the book.

I also really don’t like how the movie handled the epilogue. In the book I was fine with the epilogue, (though I could never imagine Katniss with kids honestly) but in the movie they made it too happy. I always felt in the book that it was hopeful but still tragic. In the movie it was yellow-tinged and happy and smiley. It just didn’t fit.

Overall, Mockingjay Pt. II was a good movie, but it was my least favorite of the hunger games series. I much preferred the overall feel and cinematography of the first movie, and for Catching Fire they managed to make my least favorite book of the series into a movie that made me enjoy that part of the story. Mockingjay Pt. II should have been a grand finale, but for me it did not manage to capture the emotion of that portion of the books, and so it feel a little flat.

Have you seen Mockingjay Pt. II yet? What did you think?

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The Martian Movie Review


Everything is so much more emotionally charged on the big screen.

The movie version of the Martian was more tense that the book from the very beginning. In the book Watney tells you about the dust storm. In the movie you watch Watney live it. The dust storm leads directly into a scene that shows Mark cleaning up his wound in gory detail, and that is when I knew that this movie was not going to pull any punches.

“This is it. This is how I end.”

The motion picture version of the Martian managed to capture all of the emotion I felt in the book and then some. There were many scenes where I was grinning widely as I watched the characters triumph, and there were many scenes that made me tear up. I knew what was going to happen, but I still felt it all. The movie also managed the capture the snarky (and sometimes morbid) humor originally found in the book. I was worried that it wouldn’t transfer well, but all of my favorite jokes had the whole theater laughing.

The movie was stunningly beautiful in an effortless sort of way. The graphics and technology designs were simplistic and lovely. The colors were eye catching, the deep oranges of mars contrasting with the clean whites and grays of the spacesuits, spaceships and NASA offices. I adored how the viewpoint jumped from wide panoramas of rocky craters to the visuals from cameras that would have been set up in and around the hab. Incorporating those camera windows, with their white frames and ticking timers, were the perfect way to incorporate the “log” format of the book into the movie.

The actors did an amazing job portraying their characters. One of my favorite performances in the movie was Donald Glover (you might know him from Community) as Rich Punnel. He captured all of Rich’s chaotic genius just perfectly. The only problem I had was with Jeff Daniels as the head of NASA. With him in a suit making speeches to the press, all I could see him as was Will McAvoy. That is, of course, a problem that is entirely the fault of my own obsession with the Newsroom.

The one thing that detracted from this movie is how many more liberties it took when it came to the actual science. One of the things I loved about the book is how it always strove to be as accurate as possible. The movie didn’t have that same motivation, and the changes that made theoretically possible events into impossible ones were the changes that disappointed me the most.

They extended the ending in the movie. I liked that. I liked that a lot. How the book ended was fine, but when I read it I didn’t feel complete closure. All I wanted were a few more sentences about what happened to the crew and all the people at NASA after Watney was picked up. The movie gave me that closure. Seeing everyone watching the launch for Ares V was just the cutest thing.

The Martian movie captured all of the feelings and all of the visuals of the story I already loved, and was even able to make them feel fresh and new all over again. I read the book just over a month ago, but this movie makes me want to read it again.

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