On Summer Camp

Yesterday marks the final day in my second week of working at an undisclosed, technology-focused, summer camp. It’s wild, it’s hectic, and it’s absolutely exhausting. But I kind of love it. There’s just something about working a job where there’s always a new challenge and all the employees want to work together to make the end product great.

Weekends are good too, consisting of lots of group activities. Backyard cookouts, lots of board games, and a visit to a very cute cat cafe last night.

Kids are a lot like cats: (this is really the best comparison I can make) They’re finicky, prickly, and often unexpectedly curious. The littlest things can trigger the biggest reactions, but when you take in the whole you can’t really hate them for it.

Teaching them coding can also be the strangest thing. I may have had my¬†forays into HTML and CSS when I was in middle school, but I didn’t start coding in earnest until the spring semester of my freshman year. HTML can include variables, but I had no clue what a boolean or a conditional or a loop was in high school, much less at age 12.

The thing about kids is that they are usually so ready to get it, even when they doubt themselves. But when they manage to stay focused and ditch the fear of being wrong, they can make really cool stuff. When they don’t manage to stay focused and try to run all over the place… well. It’s still summer.

The most gratifying parts so far are the moments when a 7-year-old who walked in the door barely able to type tells me she loves the class, a child is shocked at how long I’ve been coding and exclaims “you’re so good!” or when they try to teach me how to play their favorite video games.

It really is the little things.