Why I Love the Olympics + The Olympic Book Tag


The olympics have long been one of my very favorite events to look forward to. There is just something about them: The camaraderie between competitors and countries, the bringing together of the best of the best athletes. It’s just amazing to me. I love hearing the life stories of the olympic athletes, and every year the olympics seems to bring about some sort of heartwarming story too.

I personally am an athlete myself, and as my sport is Synchronized Swimming, the summer olympics are kind of by default my favorite. I love to watch the swimming and diving events best, though the gymnastics and even the different races are great to watch to. Probably the high point in my time loving the olympics has been four years ago when I was able to go to the London 2012 olympics and see my sport competed live and in person.


This week when I saw that Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight had made an olympic themed book tag in honor of the summer olympics in Rio (which start tonight!!!) I had to jump on the chance to complete it just in time for the opening ceremonies happening half a continent away from me.

Opening Ceremony : A Book You Loved From the First Page

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. It starts out funny and it stays funny… While also becoming amazingly insightful and complex. I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Though be prepared a good part of it is simply made of satire.

Cycling : Favorite Road Trip Book

I haven’t read a lot of specifically road trip themed books? But I did enjoy Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour… and the roadtrip part of Paper Towns was great.

Triathalon : A Book With a Good Love Triangle

I don’t really like love triangles. They’re usually unnecessary and the outcome is super obvious. Buuuut I was okay with the triangle in The Conspiracy of Us because it has a reason to be there that is more than just “ohh I don’t know who I like more!!”

Handball : A Book You Didn’t Really Get

I didn’t get The Girl on the Train at all. It was so confusing and I get “show don’t tell” but I feel like some of the things in that book could have just been told thank you very much. I ended up just reading the wikipedia plot summary.

Beach Volleyball : A Book Set in the Summer

Two of my favorite summery stories:

Fencing : A Book With Fighting

The Diabolic by SJ Kincaid includes a very large amount of fighting. (and is very good I love Kincaid’s scifi)

Gymnastics : A Book With Plot Twists

Can I just say anything by Brandon Sanderson? Because Brandon Sanderson. So many plot twists.

Swimming : A Book That Made You Sob

Since this is a very small category to start, I’ve decided to list a few of the books that put me through the most emotional turmoil: (and therefore produced the most tears)

All third in their respective series. Does that mean something? Probably.

Golf : A Slow Paced Book

I found Throne of Glass super slow-paced (and mostly boring) which is why I don’t really care for it and never continued the series.

Trampoline : A Childhood Favorite / Equestrian : A Book Featuring Animals

Combining these two because I have a book that is perfect for both: Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat by Lynee Jonell. This book is so strange and I loved it so much as a kid, and about half the characters are rodents. Whhiiiich in retrospect sounds weirder than it is.

It seems to me that more of my favorite childhood books can be described with “It’s odd but not as strange as it sounds, and you should read it, it’s great!”

Hurdles : A Book You Struggled to Finish

Vicious by VE Schwab. I thought it was my perfect book and I would love it, and the first few chapters were promising… But by the end I was just getting through it. 😪

Synchronized Swimming : A Book With a Great Friendship

My sport! Yay!! Looks like we saved the best for last here 😉 A book that I think has the greatest group of friends (who could even make a great synchro team themselves) is The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Maston. Andie and her crew are just the greatest. 💖

Do you love the olympics like I do? What is your favorite summer olympic sport to watch?