What Booktubeathon Taught Me + Booktubeathon Wrap-Up

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(a selection of the instagram challenges I completed for booktubeathon)

This past week was booktubeathon. A seven day long, booktube based, photo and video challenge making, reading extravaganza. I filmed and posted a booktubeathon TBR with books to account for all seven of the reading challenges… and finished approximately 5 of those books (4 graphic novels) and two of the reading challenges. My other goal was to complete all of the instagram and video challenges: I posted 4 of the instagram challenges, and filmed 4 of the video challenges. (1, 2, 3, 4)

But I am okay with what I did during this readathon because I feel like it taught me one important thing: my videos do not have to be perfect for people to enjoy them.

The nature of booktubeathon’s video challenges (and of my wi-fi connection) is that the videos need to be filmed and edited within a space of hours. The video challenge is released at midnight EST, and your finished and uploaded video must be submitted by midnight the next day. Factoring in an hour for export and color grading, around two hours for export, and a desire to get the video up in early afternoon… That doesn’t leave a ton of time.

Normally, I take days to put together a video. I think about what I’m going to talk about and what I want to say. I want the lighting and everything to be perfect when I do film, and I allow myself at least 45 minutes to film. I spend hours upon hours editing: making sure everything moves seamlessly, that I’ve cut out all the ‘um’s and ‘uh’s and that the audio is coded just right.

When it came to doing booktubeathon challenge videos, I had to let go of all that. I filmed in one take. I cut within the space of half an hour. They might have been shorter videos in the first place, but it was still sort of amazing. And the videos still turned out pretty well! They were far from perfect, but they didn’t need to be just right. They could just be alright and that was just fine.

I feel like for a long time I’ve been holding myself back a little creatively because I want everything I post to be exemplary. While I’m not going to continue creating videos in this rushed style I think I will take some of this with me and not feel like everything I make needs to be extremely polished. Maybe it’s better to make something “alright” instead of nothing at all.

Though, when it comes to instagram, I don’t think I will ever stop being a huge perfectionist with those pictures. But maybe that’s alright since those take a bit less time than a video in the first place. 😉

In the interest of a wrap-up, here are a few of the book challenges I DID complete:

  1. (read a book with yellow on the cover) Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson
  2. (read a book only after sunset) Saga Vol 1-4
  3. (read a book that’s older than you) Jason and the Argonauts half completed
  4. (read seven books) The Eighth Day and The Inquisitor’s Mark by Diane K Salerni

After the readathon had ended I did also end up completing the challenge “read a book you discovered through booktube” by reading The Raven Boys for the first time! Better late than never, right?

Are you good at readathons? Have any favorite readathon experiences?