April 2016 Wrap-Up

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Is it strange that I have nothing to say about April? It feels like this month flew by, and that not much happened when it came to school, reading, blogging… anything. I do feel like I’ll be getting back into blogging and everything in the next month, and I also want to get back to making videos on my youtube channel. Here’s to more in May!

What I’ve Been Reading:

ltsiaskysmall tuelightssmall winnerskisscoffeesmall

Music of the Month:

This month I really got into the spirit of “I want summer time and I want it now!” and so in lieu of creating a monthly playlist I instead decided to put together this year’s summer playlist… like two months too early. But it’s alright. This is mostly just really pumped up pop but I like it a lot. Great for workouts, road trips, stretching, cleaning out my closet…

How was your month? Did anything great happen for you?