11 #Bookstagram-ers You Should Be Following

It’s safe to say that I am obsessed with instagram. I have three accounts, I browse the explore tab in my free time, and I have many, many favorite accounts whose pages I frequent just to stare at all the pretty things they’ve posted in the past.

As a bookworm, many of the photos and accounts I like, post, and frequent of course fall into the category of ‘bookstagram.’ A whole community entirely devoted to photographing books in the most beautiful and eye-catching ways possible? Yes please.

In the interest of sharing this love of book instagramming with more people, and with this week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt of “Bookish People You Should Follow On Social Media,” I have made a list of my 11 favorite #bookstagram-ers. These are all accounts that I love and that inspire me, and hopefully you will love them too!

twirlingpagessquare blueeyedbibliosquare

#1 and #2: @twirlingpages and @blueeyedbiblio

If you’ve scrolled through bookstagram for length of time, you’ve almost definitely heard about both Alexandra and Emily. Their accounts and photos (and just general personality) are my very favorite. I don’t really want to admit how many hours I’ve spent scrolling through their feeds. or how many screenshots I have of those feeds stored on my phone They both also have pretty bomb blogs too.


#3: @rookie.reads

This is obviously a feed after my own heart: just look at all that color! How every photo looks entirely unique! I also love how casual the pictures look, with all the props being everyday objects.


#4: @mybookacademy

I’ve personally never been able to pull off the “cluttered photo” look, but Sally does it in every one of her photos in the most beautiful of ways. I love the use of twinkle lights and multiple books in each photo and hair accessories and snacks and everything. 


#5: @infinitelynovel

I love how Kate always manages to keep a perfect balance of both clean and colorful in her photos, with all the bright books and props and the white background. The bear slippers and funko pop figure that often appear in her photos are also adorable.


#6: @clockworkbibliophile

Olivia makes use of both book photos shot on location (books held up in front of a blurred background of nature are just my jam) and the classic “books posed on background of blankets/white sheets” in great ways that I really appreciate.


#7: @bookishnessandtea

Ava has such a unique and different style when it comes to book photography! Her account contains everything from the classic #shelfie, to crazy photos of books in midair, (seriously how does anyone take those?) to books being read at the edge of a pretty blue lake.


#8: @bookvibes

Rebecca’s photos are just so aesthetic. The use of dark colors and different sorts of lighting is stunning, and the background made out of book pages and the occasional appearance of different sorts of flowers and plant life is just gorgeous.


#9: @seelieknight

Viktoria’s feed kind of just makes my life. Each photo is individually beautiful, and they all match somehow so put together they make something entirely breathtaking. I am amazed at the occasional picture that doesn’t contain anything overtly bookish but still fits perfectly with everything else. My goal in life is to be able to vary my photos as much and still have as put together of an account as this one is.


#10: @em.emxx

Speaking of amazingly varied photos, Em also takes all sorts of very different bookish pictures in very different locations. Every one of the photos on this account are so colorful and beautiful. I also love and kind of wish I had Em’s outfit sense and closet.


#11: Me! (@tamaraniac)

At the risk of sounding egotistical, I think my own bookstagram account is pretty fantastic. Check it out and follow it, maybe?

Do you enjoy #Bookstagram as much as I do? What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts? Let me know in the comments!