February 2016 Wrap-Up

February feels like it just disappeared on me, because I spent most of it doing a lot of synchro practice in preparation for the competition I had this past weekend and the next one that I have this weekend. (it’s a crazy schedule this year) Last week’s was in Colorado and was our “North Zone” competition, meaning it was for the north quarter on the United States. It wasn’t a high stress meet because we weren’t trying to qualify for anything this year, but some of the swims were pretty rough. We redeemed ourself on the final day though, and ended up taking 7th in Combo and 3rd in the Senior Team category.

This week’s competition is actually the Minnesota state meet. This meet is in a different category so we are trying to qualify for the next level (regionals) but that shouldn’t be too difficult, especially since we’re in our team pool for this one!


Also, in a moment of experimentation I decided to start a personal/non-book related instagram and tried my hand at my first ever lifestyle-type-post this month. I really enjoy both of these ventures, so I do plan to continue with them.

What I’ve Been Reading:

February was a kind of poor reading month because I spent the beginning of the month waiting for the third Reckoners book to be released, (and kind of recovering from the most recent Mistborn book) and the second half recovering from it. So many Sanderson releases at a time is just not good for my health.

On the top of the books I finished I am currently halfway-ish through Rebel Spring (Falling Kingdoms #2) by Morgan Rhodes, and The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. I’m really enjoying The Way of Kings (it’s huge!) but am struggling a little bit with Rebel Spring. I want to like the Falling Kingdoms series but I’m just, well, bored.

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(as a side note: Sanderson’s next YA series, Apocalypse Guard, was announced today and it has been said it ties in with the Reckoners series so, hmmm. HMMM. Maybe I will get the extended story that I so want…)

Quote of the Month:

“… a sunrise, always changing, but beautiful the entire time.” Calamity by Brandon Sanderson, pg 137

Music of the Month:

I stole most of these songs from spotify playlists created by Alexandra @ Twirling Pages, and a few from synchro routines I couldn’t get out of my head…

On the Blog: