February 2016 TBR

I had a really great reading month during January! I finished 6 out of the 8 books I had on last month’s TBR list, and started 7 of them. The only one that got left in the dust was The Young Elites, and since I’ve dropped that one two months in a row I’ll be leaving it off my list for now, to possibly reappear later. Which means this month I have an entirely new list of books!


Review Copies:

Recent Buys + New Releases:

The day has finally come, Calamity, the book I’ve been pining for more than a year, is being released this month. I am so not prepared but I am also sooooo excitedI have a preorder in for AGOS and can’t wait for that one too! I picked up Star Above at the bookstore on Tuesday, and I’m curious to see who gets married in the epilogue…

Re-Reads and Readalongs:

I plan to finish up my Reckoners re-read with Firefight, and then I will be continuing the Falling Kingdom’s series as a part of my readalong.

On the TBR Shelf:

Since February is the month of valentines day, I decided to add a romance novel to my list. I read Isla and the Happily After, the third book in this companion series, a few years ago, and am excited to read the earlier books!

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  1. Awww you dropped the Young Elites? But it sounds sooooo good… I know Angelina ADORES it :). I still need to read A Darker Shade of Magic and Stars Above, BUT I do hope you enjoy all of these books on your list. Angelina is freaking out over Calamity XD
    Happy reading!

  2. TAMARA YOUR BLOG IS SO PREETYYYYY <3 I have only read Anna and the French Kiss from your list! I do have Air Awakens on my TBR though…Does that count for anything? 😛

  3. I’ve only read Anna and the French Kiss, and I really love it! I think it’s the perfect book for Valentine. I haven’t read Air Awakens yet, but many people seems to love it. Looking forward to read your thoughts about it, and happy reading <3

  4. I’m so sad I missed out on the Falling Kingdoms readalong but I really want to try and read it this month! I’m also SUPER excited for A Gathering of Shadows (even though the 1st book wasn’t super spectacular in my opinion). It looks like you’ve got a great month ahead of you 🙂

    1. Yay! I haven’t started my Firefight re-read because I want to go straight into Calamity from Firefight for maximum intensity. (I’M SO SCARED) I like the Falling Kingdoms first book well enough and I’m excited to see this series continue!

  5. So much fantasy… I love it! From your list, I read Air Awakens and Anna and the French Kiss, and both are fantastic! AatFK might be one of my favorite romances. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did :). You already know that I’m reading Rebel Spring and Gathering Darkenss ;). I got Stars Above this month, too, though I’m not sure if I’ll get to it this month. Hopefully!

  6. You have to let me know when you get to like half the books on this list, but especially Air Awakens and the Falling Kingdoms series!! Because both of those are BAE to me! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on all these books 🙂

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