The Siren by Kiera Cass // ARC Review


The Siren by Kiera Cass, Published by Harper Teen, ARC received from the publisher through Red Ballon’s Teen Book Club in exchange for an honest review.

Years ago, Kahlen was rescued from drowning by the Ocean. To repay her debt, she has served as a Siren ever since, using her voice to lure countless strangers to their deaths. Though a single word from Kahlen can kill, she can’t resist spending her days on land, watching ordinary people and longing for the day when she will be able to speak and laugh and live freely among them again.

Kahlen is resigned to finishing her sentence in solitude…until she meets Akinli. Handsome, caring, and kind, Akinli is everything Kahlen ever dreamed of. Falling in love with a human breaks the Ocean’s rules. But for the first time in a lifetime of following the rules, Kahlen is determined to follow her heart.

I expected not to like this book. Or, rather, I expected to enjoy it like I do The Selection: only to a point, and a little bit in a sarcastic way. So, you can imagine that I was pleasantly surprised when The Siren sucked me in, moved me to tears, and left me loving it.

thesirenThere was something in this book that was able to convey to me a lot of emotion. The main character had a lot of internal and external struggles, and while most of the book was spent on Khalen’s troubles, it never felt whiny or annoying. Her problems felt real and worthwhile, and throughout the book I was able to empathize her and feel for her deeply.

What really shined in The Siren was the main romantic relationship. While Khalen and Akinli became enamored rather quickly it never struck me as insta love. Their relationship was sweet, and the way they interacted felt very genuine to me and not overly cheesy or ridiculous. I loved their first meetings, and it really says something about the romance in a book when I become very attached to the main ship within the first forty or so pages.

Admittedly, the side characters, while varied and interesting, were somewhat one sided, and the world building that went into the fantasy elements of this book were simplistic at best. Still, I was able to look past these things and enjoy the emotional side of this book instead.

I know that The Siren won’t be for everyone, but I recommend at least trying this book. It worked for me, and hopefully it will work for you too.


The Siren by Kiera Cass will be released on January 26th, 2016.