January 2016 TBR

Today marks the first of the month (and the year!) so it’s time for a new to-be-read list for the month! I am a huge mood reader so this lists are more suggestions of what I would like to get to reading this month than strict reading lists. I also of course don’t expect myself to read all eight books every month.


Anyone else noticing the color scheme in this month’s graphic? So much blue and black! Totally unintentional I swear, though I do love the color blue.

Out of the seven books I read last month, four of them were on December’s TBR list, which is about what I’m aiming for. The books leftover were Elantris by Brandon Sanderson, Armada by Ernest Cline, The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall, and The Young Elites by Marie Lu. I’ve decided to move The Conspiracy of Us and The Young Elites into this month’s TBR as I’ve owned those two books for a very long time. I’ll get to Elantris and Armada eventually.

As for the new books this month, I am already currently reading The Love That Split the World, and my plan is to read See How They Run or Passenger next because those are both books by authors whose events I will be attending this month!


Recent Buys + New Releases: (aka ohmigosh how are these books being released already I’m so happy)

Re-Reads and Readalongs:

Both of these will be read for my continuing Reckoners (Re)Readalong. Mitosis is just a novella (pretty sure last time it took me about half and hour to read it last time) and I may re-read Firefight this month, but I also might re-read it in February so I can go straight into Calamity afterward. I haven’t decided yet.

On the TBR Shelf:

Annnnd I didn’t put Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes on any of these list because I will be reading that for something that you should keep an eye out for in the near future. 😉

What are you planning to read this month?