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The lovely Alex from Fiery Reads tagged me to the do the Coffee Book Tag! The wonderful graphics I used were also made by Alex! This one looks like a lot of fun, and I love coffee (well, decaf coffee, since caffeine doesn’t really agree with me) so without further ado let’s get into this!


Black Coffee: a series that’s tough to get into, but has hardcore fans.

A Darker Shade of Magic was a book that was a little difficult for me to really get into, and so many people love it so much! Plus, once I did get into it I really did love ADSOM; so much so that I preordered the second book and it is one of my most anticipated releases of 2016!


The Perfect Blend: a series that was bittersweet, but ultimately satisfying.

The Darkest Minds series was so, so sad and left me a bit of an emotional wreck, but I thought it had a really great ending. Plus, if you read all the novellas in the Through the Dark bind-up they add so much depth to everything (and even wrap up the ending a little bit more) and it is all so good and satisfying after all the pain.


Decaf: a book you expected more from.

From how so many people were absolutely raving about the Throne of Glass series when the latest one came out this year, I really thought I would enjoy the first book more, but it really fell super flat and was kind of boring. 😔 I’ve heard the later books are better and I might consider continuing, but the more I think about it the more I feel totally “meh” about it.


Peppermint Mocha: a book that gets more popular during the festive season.

There are a lot of books that get popular around the holiday season, but a book that I associate the most with winter holidays is The Grisha Trilogy. This is probably mostly because they are set in a snowy environment and because I read the trilogy during Christmas break last year.


Double Shot of Espresso: a book that kept you on the edge of your seat.

The book that springs to mind for this one is Illuminae. It was so tense and captivating that I couldn’t put it down, and read it in a single sitting. Illuminae is just AMAZING.


Starbucks: a book you see everywhere.

Lately I feel like I’ve been seeing The Raven Boys absolutely everywhere. (Maybe it’s because people are super hyped for the fourth book?) I haven’t read it yet, but I was recently gifted a copy of the first book and it sounds really cool so I hope to read it soon!


Hipster Coffee Shop: an indie book / author shoutout!

I haven’t read very many indie books, but so many of my friends talk about Air Awakens by Elise Kova all the time, and Elise is super sweet and sent me one of her super great bookish postcards!


Green Tea: a book that is quietly beautiful.

The most quiet but beautiful book I read this year (and maybe ever) is Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour. The descriptions, the characters, everything. It was just a wholly gorgeous book.


Hot Chocolate: what is your favorite children’s book?

This is probably the most difficult question for me since I love middle grade, (I’m pretty sure the majority of my very favorite series are middle grade) but with all of the wonderful childrens books I’ve read and obsessed over, there is still a clear winner. The Accidental Hero by Matt Myklusch is my favorite children’s book and might even be my very favorite book. (though how can I choose?) It has one of my favorite settings, and many of the characters and situations close to my heart. This is a book (series) I could read over and over again. Actually, I am currently way overdue for a re-read so I’ll have to do that soon…


Chai Tea: a book that made you dream of faraway places.

The Girl From Everywhere is a super dreamy, absolutely enchanting book that made me want to go everywhere its characters traveled, from New York to Hawaii to China… Of course, that’ll be a little more difficult for me since I don’t live on a magical time traveling ship. 😉


Earl Grey: name your favorite classic.

I tend not to love classics (and I mean this entirely honestly, I’ve tried and just don’t) but a few that I do really like are the Sherlock Holmes stories and Alice in Wonderland.

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