Doorstep Delights: The One With the Pre-Order Giveaways


Doorsteps Delights is a feature I’m borrowing from twirling pages in which I’ll share things I recently received in the mail!

Books + Magazines


If you haven’t noticed, I barely ever buy books online. I basically only buy them from my plethora of local bookstores. So here you have: My November copy of Wired magazine, (I love Wired guys) and a book I received for the US Traveling Book Project that I joined through tumblr. I feel a little guilty about this one because I barely read any of it… I just didn’t get into it at all.

Preorder Giveaways


Fall means lots of book releases, which also means lots of book preorders for me! Out of the books I preordered this fall, three of them had giveaways. Winter’s actually only came with the temporary tattoos, and I got the mittens at the Winter signing I went to.


Carry On by Rainbow Rowell had an awesome one with a coloring page version of the dust jacket, a pin, (I have two because I got the other from the release event I attended) a ballon, (not pictures) temporary tattoos, and packets of tea! I haven’t colored my dust cover yet, because I actually want to find a frame for it, but I am super excited to make it colorful!


The giveaway for Neverseen by Shannon Messenger was actually put together by the author herself, and included a limited edition postcard print, (I got 833/1000!) stickers for the two organizations in the book, (the black swan and the neverseen) and a signed book plate! It also all came in a hand addressed envelope – how cute is that?