Stormtroopers, Pet Rocks, and Puppets: Twin Cities Book Fest 2015

I always tell myself to write event recap posts sooner after the events themselves so that I remember, but I failed on that a lot this time. 🙈 So this will be brief, and mostly pictures. (I just want to share these pictures)

tcbfposterThe Twin Cities Book Fest is a book event that happens in the twin cities ever year! This year the event was on October 17th, and it was the second year of the Red Ballon Bookshop running a teen and middle grade area. Last year I only attended the event, but this year I was a volunteer so I got all the special ~backstage access~

We started off in the morning with two authors who had written official “Star Wars” books, but the most exciting part of that for me is there was a guy there dressed up as a stormtropper! I got a picture.

Tamara and Stormtropper

My favorite event was definitely the Middle Grade panel with Carrie Ryan, John Parke Davis, Lynne Jonell and DJ MacHale. It was moderated by another author, Jacqueline West, and she had a wonderful and hilarious “truth or dare” activity for all the authors to participate in.

During the course of the panel, Carrie and John acted out a scene from their book with stuffed puppets…


… DJ drew a picture of his main character while blindfolded AND signing a song, (I kept the drawing by the way) and Lynne Jonell admitted that her strangest writing habit is that she once went out and collected rocks that “looked like” her characters and used them to act out scenes!

Funny Drawing

DJ MachaleOther specially fun parts of the event were the “What Are You Reading?” Wall (bonus points if you find mine) and an author bingo in which there were fun activities such as taking a selfie with an author!

What Are You Reading?



I did manage to get some goodies from the event. I had made up a poster of the all the book covers that I had all the authors sign, (pictured at the top of the post) and I also had books for Lynne Jonell and DJ MacHale to sign. When we were in middle school me and my friends Taylor and Connor all read Pendragon together, so I had it signed to all of us.

Pendragon emmyandtheschrinkingrat

The Twin Cities book fest was great! Thanks to all the authors! 🙂

TCBF Teen Authors