Mockingjay Pt. II Movie Review

My main impression of this movie is that it was so. intense. Partly because the part of the book it covers is very tense and emotional and scary, but also partly because I had read the book and knew what was going to happen.There were scenes I was just dreading. The whole time I felt like I was waiting for people to be attacked and for certain characters to die.

Unlike a lot of people, I did enjoy the Mockingjay book. In fact, it may or may not be my favorite book in the series. (I tend to really like series conclusions in general) I feel like the whole of Mockingjay, especially the ending, just really fit with the overall theme and story of the series. While the ending didn’t make sense to a lot of people I’ve talked to, it has always made sense to me. In the movie, I felt that parts of it made even more sense that they had in the book. President’s Coin hatred of Katniss was made more obvious, so it was easier to see how the ending came about.

One thing I really did dislike about the movie is that I feel like it really glossed over all the main character death. I understand that a lot of it was really in the moment, and that the other characters had to keep going, but the emotion of the deaths didn’t hit me nearly as much as they did in the book.

I also really don’t like how the movie handled the epilogue. In the book I was fine with the epilogue, (though I could never imagine Katniss with kids honestly) but in the movie they made it too happy. I always felt in the book that it was hopeful but still tragic. In the movie it was yellow-tinged and happy and smiley. It just didn’t fit.

Overall, Mockingjay Pt. II was a good movie, but it was my least favorite of the hunger games series. I much preferred the overall feel and cinematography of the first movie, and for Catching Fire they managed to make my least favorite book of the series into a movie that made me enjoy that part of the story. Mockingjay Pt. II should have been a grand finale, but for me it did not manage to capture the emotion of that portion of the books, and so it feel a little flat.

Have you seen Mockingjay Pt. II yet? What did you think?