Holiday Gift Guide: For the Teen (aka me)


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and so it’s that time of year again where everyone is buying holiday gifts! For my first gift guide (Yes, “first” as in “more than one”) I decided to list a bunch of things that I, as a teenager, would love to receive. I know a lot of people have trouble buying gifts for teenagers, so I hope there might be some ideas in here that will help you out if you’re having difficulty!

“Adult” Coloring Books

Adult coloring books are really great and look super relaxing. In most of the high school classes I’m in I’ve seen at least one person coloring one. Here are a few of the coloring books that I really like the look of:

Stationary + Such

Nice Markers + Pens – You’ve got to have something to color with for the coloring books! I recommend anything from faber castell. They’re kind of pricey but so worth it.

Washi Tape – For planners, art projects, everything, washi tape is just the best. Plus it comes in great patterns! You can find this at a lot of craft stores. Just ask the staff. They’ll know.

Polaroid Cameras

Polaroid cameras have been super trendy lately and I think one of these would make a really fun gift. The model I would choose for myself is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. If comes in a bunch of really fun colors and just looks super cute in general. I would also recommend throwing in some film for the camera, or maybe a carrying case.


Pillows – I think cute throw pillows make great gifts. Aeropostale has some really nice ones, and I really like this “I Space Ship It” one from a society 6 artist.

Funko PopsFunko pops are really adorable pop culture based figures. I think they’re really funny and they really have anything. All the TV shows, games, movies, whatever. Some good bets are the disney collection and the marvel collection. (I love the Avengers 2 Iron Man myself. Also, the big hero six pops)

Memberships + Subscirptions

Hulu or Netflix It’s always nice to have a reliable (and legal) place to watch movies and tv shows online. I would be careful with gifting this though because a lot of teens/families already subscribe.

Spotify Premium In the past for music I might have recommended an iTunes gift card, but the thing is iTunes giftcards go very fast because with so many songs as a dollar each… It’s just not great. But with spotify, you can listen to pretty much any song ever as much as you want! Now, there is a free desktop version of spotify, (which is what I currently use) but it lacks a lot of features and has ads. 😞 I use spotify every day to listen to music, and while I would probably never buy this for myself because I can deal with the free version, it would be a really nice thing to receive as a gift!

Youtube Red Like spotify premium, I would probably never buy this for myself. But, I do use YouTube every day and it would be nice to have the extra features and not have to watch ads.

Gift Card Ideas

Movie Theater – Teens like going to movies, but movies are expensive! I think a movie theater gift card is one of the very best ones to get. I recommend checking with a local movie theater to see if they have gift certificates before you buy one from a huge multi-screen theater. (gotta support those indies!)

Target Target is great for games, music, clothes, toys, books, notebooks… Even just candy. It’s a good bet for almost anyone.

RedBubble RedBubble sells tshirts, art prints, phone cases, and more in tons of different design by many different artists. I like this as a gift card because it’s something a little different but there really will be something for anyone.