Holiday Gift Guide: For the Bookworm


Are you currently working on holiday shopping for a friend/family member who loves books? Then you’ve come to the right place! Today I have an entire list of possible gifts for bookworms! Let’s get started, shall we?


I think the number one gift you can give any bookworm is a great, handcrafted bookmark. Here are a few of my favorite stores to browse:

Happy Hello Art – This etsy shop makes the CUTEST bookmarks based on book characters and other pop culture figures. Seriously, I want all of these.

Lilytales Bookmarks This shop makes some great wooden bookmarks. I especially like the ones with Harry Potter quotes, the ’tis the season’ bookmark, and the #currentlyreading design.

Skinny Hues This etsy shop is filled with truly gorgeous watercolor bookmarks!

Boxsets + Special Edition Books

Now, buying actual books for a book nerd friend can be next to impossible. You might not know what they read, what they want to read, or what they might have already read. But, if you do want to buy actual books a very good bet is buying either a boxed set or a special edition book. There is something very cool and fun about a boxed set that makes me and most other bookworms love them, and special edition books are usually just beautiful. I garuntee that even if they already own or have read the book(s) in question they will love any special edition or boxed set as a gift. Here are a few of the boxed sets and special edition books that I think are great (inside and out) and that even I would love to receive!

Decor + Other

Evie Seo – This is a great shop that has bookish designs (that I really love) for tshirts, mugs, phone cases, whatever. I especially like this currently reading mug and this quote from A Darker Shade of Magic.

Bookworm Boutique I love this shop’s designs, especially since a lot of them aren’t specific to any book! I really want the “Professional Bookworm” design on pretty much anything or this “Book Adventure” mug.

Funko Pops – These (super adorable) figures are all the rage for book pictures right now I think they make a really great gift. For a bookworm you can’t go wrong with the Harry Potter collection or the Hunger Games collection.

Book Subscription Boxes – Book subscription boxes have been all the rage lately. Essentially, every month you are subscribed you receive a book and some bookish items in the mail. I think this would make a great gift for the kind of people who are into books! Some more popular ones I’ve seen are Uppercase Box and Owlcrate.

Gift Cards

Local Independent Bookstore! – If you or your bookworm has a local independent bookstore they surely offer giftcards that your giftee would love. I recommend you check here first!

Barnes & NobleBarnes & Noble stores are everywhere, and they also have a great online selection!

Book Outlet – Book Outlet really isn’t my book seller of choice, but a lot of people really like it. The main upside is the books are amazingly discounted, but the downsides are low selection, and possibly expensive shipping.

4 Replies to “Holiday Gift Guide: For the Bookworm”

  1. I love this post! I am actually planning to do one of these on Thursday, so it’s great to see some links to websites, (so I don’t have to do so much digging around the internet, hehe). But you’re pretty much on point with this! Bookmarks are the cutest and I tend to get a little overexcited with them. I think I would end up with an entire shelf or more dedicated to my bookmark collection!
    Next of course I adore books. Gift me books and I’m a happy chappy. BUT I LOVE BOOKISH DECOR. Adding onto the fact that I love decor in general, if you get me bookish decor, my heart will explode with happiness!
    Great post! 💓

  2. I love this list, Tamara! It’s perfect timing, too– I’m slowly beginning my search for Christmas presents for family and friends. To be honest, I am pretty unfamiliar with bookish merchandise shops and items, but this was a huge help, and introduced me to a lot of new shops and products (that I want to buy now!) My ten-year-old sister also loves to read, so I think many of these gifts would be a great fit for her! I took a look at Evie Seo and those items are gorgeous! I adore the bookmarks from other shops, too. And I can’t forget the PJ special edition, both my sister and I are huge fans of Rick Riordan! Awesome post!:) xx

    Claire @ Cover to Cover

    1. Thank you so much Claire, I’m really glad it’ll be helpful to you! I had another guide yesterday that might help you with non-bookish gifts. 🙂 And yes, I REALLY want everything on this list for myself too! 😉

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