Reasons to Read Illuminae


Next week, one of my favorite books I’ve read this year, Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, is released. Here are some reasons why you should be running to the bookstore to buy it the moment it is available to read!

#1 – The plot is AMAZING.

It is super twisty and great, and it goes beyond just the shock factor of what happened (such as a planet being destroyed right at the beginning) and shows us why it happened and all the political reasons and everything. It’s super cool.

#2 – It is the ultimate “show don’t tell.”


The whole book is just made up of text conversations and ship logs and personal journals. It doesn’t directly tell you anything and I think that makes it even greater.

#3 – You will probably read it very fast.

You will, because this book is next to impossible to put down. I read it in essentially one sitting. Plus, then you get to say you read a 600 page book in less than a day.

#4 – The whole book is a work of art.

There are so many page spreads that are beautiful, but even the “regular” pages have cool graphics showing what type of media they are. Plus there are diagram and pictures and maps and all sorts of interesting stuff.

Here’s one of my very favorite spreads:


#5 – The cover is also gorgeous.

Need I say more?

#6 – It’s super gruesome but it can also be very funny.

Then, sometimes the gruesome stuff is the funny stuff. Not for the weak of stomach or someone without a dark sense of humor.

#7 – It will totally creep you out.

… y’know, if that’s your thing.

#8 – There’s lots of cool technology stuff.

Which is kind of a requirement for scifi, but this book does it very well. Plus AI plays a big part and that’s good enough for me.

#9 – It’s the first in a series.

So when you’re left wanting more, there will actually be more coming. Eventually.