I Moved to WordPress!

If you haven’t already heard: ta-da, my blog is now self hosted through wordpress. *cue confetti* I am super excited about the change because the new platform is going to allow me to do ALL THE THINGS. I also think my new theme is super pretty, though I still have some modification to do.

The move hasn’t affected most things. I have imported all my past posts, and I am, of course, still the same great Tamara. However, there are still somethings that it will affect in various way to various degrees, so I have made a handy little list.

What does this mean for…

  • The tumblr: If you didn’t know, throughout my full blogging career I have been hosted through tumblr. That may seem a little odd to you if you only know of tumblr in its current state, but back when I started using it in 2011 (no, you can’t see any of my posts from then. shhhhhh.) more people used it like an actual blog host. Well, I am not going to delete the tumblr. In fact, I will be using it now more like most people use tumblr. So go follow me on tumblr- tamaraniac.tumblr.com. 😀 Over the coming weeks (months? this could take ages) I will be going through my past posts and making each one an excerpt that will link to its full post on this blog. Why will I be doing that? Well, that brings me to…
  • The links: Most of the links from the past will be broken now. But not irreparably broken. See, if you want to get to that post all you need to do is replace the ‘tamaraniac.com’ part with ‘tamaraniac.tumblr.com’ and that link will bring you to the tumblr version of the post. Which in turn, once I go through and edit all the tumblr posts, will bring you to the post on this blog. Get it? I knew you would.
  • the email/rss subscription: Did you know that my old blog had email subscription? Yeah, probably not, because when I checked this morning the only person who was subscribed was my mother. (hi, mom!) So you should really follow me through email on this 2.0 version of my blog. 😉 If you followed me through an RSS subscription tool, I really don’t know what that means for you. If it’s pointed to the RSS feed for ‘tamaraniac.com’ I would think you would have switched over with me. Either way, you’ll probably figure it out soon if you start seeing posts I reblog on tumblr in your subscription or something. If your preferred following method is bloglovin’ then you can go follow my blog with Bloglovin on it’s brand new bloglovin’ page. (the old one is connected to the tumblr blog)
  • the comments: There should be a way to import my old disqus comments to this blog (maybe) but this honestly isn’t the hugest priority for me. As it is I didn’t have that many comments in the first place so maybe I could just copy and paste them all over manually. That feels kind of like cheating though. I don’t know. We’ll see.
  • the instagram: Okay, I’m not gonna pretend the blog move changed anything for my instagram. I just think y’all should go follow me on instagram. 😉 instagram.com/tamaraniac

Okay, that should be it! I think this new era of my blog is gonna be great, and I hope you are willing to stick with me to see it.

See ya! -Tamara

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