Which Fictional Schools Would I Attend?

Earlier this month Claire @ Cover to Cover wrote an awesome post on fictional schools she would love to attend and which ones she would not. Her post really inspired me to write a similar post about some of my favorite fictional schools, so here it is!


Armedius Academy (The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson)

In The Rithmatist, people called Rithmatist have the power to draw magical chalk lines that can be used to fight magical beings called Chalklings and to duel other Rithmatists. Armedius Academy is one of the eight schools that young Rithmatists can attend to prepare for their life in service to the United Isles.

Would I Attend? Totally! It would be really neat to have Rithmatic powers, and even I wasn’t a Rithmatist it seems like a cool school to go to.

The Pentagonal Spire (Insignia by SJ Kincaid)

In the Insignia Trilogy by SJ Kincaid the Pentagonal Spire is where the promising young recruits of the Intrasolar Forces go to train to be combatants and control the space ships fighting World War III. There they learn strategy, how to program computers, and how to use the computers that have been implanted into their brains to control electronics.

Would I Attend? Even though I love the Insignia trilogy I’m going to pass on this one. The whole getting-a-computer-implanted-into-your-brain-and-technically-becoming-government-property part kind of grosses me out. The powers it lends would be cool but the side effects? Not so much.

Foxfire (Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger)

In the elven lands of Keeper of the Lost Cities the best and the brightest young elves go to Foxfire, where they train their magic powers and learn all the things they will need to know for a future in their government and other leadership positions.

Would I Attend? Well, for one, MAGIC. So that’s a yes. Otherwise it seems like a pretty fantastic school, if a bit high pressure at times. Heck, even their detention doesn’t always seem all that bad.


The United Commonwealth University (The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau)

In the dystopian world of The Testing trilogy to obtain one of the coveted University admissions students must go through a dangerous series of tests. Even after the first tests are finished the University is a treacherous place to be. It is really the ultimate Trust No One scenario.

Would I Attend? Oh gods no.

The Little Palace (Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

In the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, all the magically-gifted Grisha of the country Ravka go to the Little Palace to receive schooling and training in their powers.

Would I Attend? Totally. Magic powers and a super fancy building! Count me in.

The School of Thought (The Accidental Hero by Matt Myklusch)

In the Imagine Nation, the young superheroes with the most power and natural talent are accepted into the School of Thought, an extremely selective program for the very best of the best. The school is led by the ruling council of the Imagine Nation and keeps irregular hours and locations, with students called to lessons the day of. There’s just one catch- to be a student one must pass the tests given by each of the seven council members.

Would I Attend? Heck to the yes! There is no way I would ever turn that place down. That is, if I managed to get in…

Which of these schools would you attend? Which wouldn’t you? What is your favorite fictional school?