The Inquisitor’s Mark // Bullet Point Thoughts

Sometimes I have a lot of thoughts about a book, but don’t feel like writing a full critical review. One of those times was yesterday when I finished The Inquisitor’s Mark by Diane K Salerni. Therefore, I have decided to start a new type of post on my blog called ‘Bullet Point Thoughts’ in which I write out my thoughts in bullet points. The first book I will be writing about in this format, The Inquisitor’s Mark, is the second book in the Eighth Day trilogy, a middle grade series about people who live in an eighth day of the week that is only accessible to those with magic. It’s a seriously awesome series and you all should totally read it and discuss it with me. ;D

“Names change. That’s what Evangeline said. But I’m her vassal no matter what.”  👑

Now for the spoiler-y bullet points… Some of these are adapted from my numerous goodreads updates and some of them are new, but if you haven’t read the book (seriously, read these books they’re super cool) don’t read any further!