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Sometimes I have a lot of thoughts about a book, but don’t feel like writing a full critical review. One of those times was yesterday when I finished The Inquisitor’s Mark by Diane K Salerni. Therefore, I have decided to start a new type of post on my blog called ‘Bullet Point Thoughts’ in which I write out my thoughts in bullet points. The first book I will be writing about in this format, The Inquisitor’s Mark, is the second book in the Eighth Day trilogy, a middle grade series about people who live in an eighth day of the week that is only accessible to those with magic. It’s a seriously awesome series and you all should totally read it and discuss it with me. ;D

“Names change. That’s what Evangeline said. But I’m her vassal no matter what.”  👑

  • The premise is just awesome: an urban fantasy arthurian legend retelling where all the characters are descendants of the members of the original story.
  • The world building is just great and totally does the whole idea justice.
  • Seriously. The world is so cool. I want to live in it. (Well, as long as I’m one of the magical people)
  • This is the second book and even though I barely remembered the events of the first book I did just fine reading it. Better than fine actually. I loved it.The Inquisitor's Mark Instagram
  • Actually it was so much better than the first book. The first book spent so long with the basic world building but this one was able to just dive right in and got even deeper into the magic system. (like how their oaths and allegiances physically bind them)
  • This book was super fast paced. I just wanted it to keep reading and reading until I was done.
  • There was some budding romance in this one and I don’t really know how I feel about it. Alright I guess, but it’s not what I would have picked I don’t think.
  • I really love the characters.
  • The second narrator in this book was really cool! Dorian wasn’t supposed to be on Jax’s side, but I liked him from the beginning of the book.
  • There was a very well executed plot twist in this one. I did not see it coming at all and it made things really great.
  • THAT ENDING. Seriously. I loved the ending. The tense stuff leads really well into a third book and there were a few things that made me VERY happy. I was totally grinning like an idiot when I finished.
  • Super excited for book three!

Now for the spoiler-y bullet points… Some of these are adapted from my numerous goodreads updates and some of them are new, but if you haven’t read the book (seriously, read these books they’re super cool) don’t read any further!

  • The Riley/Evangeline thing still feels weird to me because Evangeline feels like Jax’s age? I guess she’s not but she acts like it a lot in my opinion.
  • The first time Jax used his inquisitor powers in this book it totally made me crack up. It’s just like, “I’m a dorky thirteen year old but I command you to answer me!”
  • It is seriously adorable how when Jax is all conflicted about whether he’s an Aubrey or an Ambrose he instead first thinks of himself as Evangeline’s vassal. This child is so loyal and I love it.
  • Oh and Riley trying to keep Evangeline in the normal week by taping their hands together and using the voice of command on her! Literally everyone knew it wouldn’t work but he did it anyways. Ah, that idiot. But that was the one part I thought they were kinda cute together.
  • I love how this second book is set in New York. It was so cool to see more of the transitioner culture.
  • Speaking of transitioner culture, I don’t think the whole ‘transitioners greeting each other by showing their marks’ thing was as emphasized in the first book but it’s super interesting.
  • When the Dulacs laughed at Jax after he said “Bad things happen on the eighth day.” Uggghhhh that’s what really made me hate them.
  • Dorian’s whole story is just really tragic. How he keeps a journal to keep track of his memories and make sure if he knows if the Dulcas alter them… ahhhh it was so sad. :(( “Yesterday matches what I remember” … Poor kid.
  • Transitioners seriously make oaths for EVERYTHING. How do they keep track of them all?!
  • Okay so when the Dulac’s catch Jax and alter his memory and make him hate Riley and Evangeline and everyone… just nope. Nope nope nope. It physically hurt me seeing him like that. Just, no! Evangeline is your liege lady and YOU wanted to stay bound to her and the Emrys family! Jax nooooo!
  • But then even evil Jax was foiled by his oath and couldn’t betray anyone. That was great.
  • Jax’s whole rant about everything bad that happened to him… Yes he would never have normally said that, and yes it was twisted by his memory modifications but all that stuff was true… Poor traumatized Jax. No kid gets through eighth day thing unscathed.
  • Teagan and Thomas’s plan with Jax and what they planted in his memory! That was such a great reveal and Teagan was totally justified punching him when she recited the line.
  • Dragon! Brownies! Just, YES.
  • No but I totally thought the ‘Riley getting brownies to do things’ thing would come back but it didn’t? Either that’s a strategic thing for book three or a missed opportunity. I really thought it would be important.
  • The whole part where they’re fighting the wyvern in the basement and Riley and Evangeline are fighting over control of Jax via voice of command and vassal bond… It was kind of funny but like too much of that and you could drive Jax crazy with the magic pulling him two directions!
  • Also since Evangeline was able to cancel Riley’s command over Jax does that mean liege lords/ladies can get rid of magic affecting their vassals? Or was that just an Emrys/difference of orders kind of thing? I need answers to everything about this magic system!
  • Jax being the start of a new branch is great! And Evangeline figured it out! I KNEW something was up when AJ was the one who changed his mark and then Evangeline was telling him how he made her wards stronger when he changed them. And then Jax had inquisitor powers that could do more than the Ambrose’s. There were so many hints and then the big reveal was so great. Yay! No tie to the Dulacs!
  • And then Riley having Billy swear to him instead of commanding him to forget everything! That made me SO happy. Plus Billy nerding out over Excalibur. Awwwwwww.

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