Book Playlist: Jack Blank Adventures

Matt Myklusch

I’ve had this playlist drafted for a long time, but I never posted it because I was just waiting for a few more perfect songs to fall into my lap. Well, that doesn’t look like it’s happening anytime soon, so it feels like time to put my playlist for one of my very favorite series out into the world.

The Area 11 songs aren’t on anything but YouTube at the moment, and I believe the rest can be found on your music streaming service of choice. Enjoy!

#1 – Go! Fighting Action Power | Area 11

I don’t want to be your hero,
I just want to do something right,
searching out a brave new fight.

Life was a game my score was zero,
But this power in me is breaking free,
and now I believe it’s destiny.

#2 – Last One Standing | Simple Plan

Did you think that I would surrender easily?
Just like that, you were getting rid of me
Is that the way you saw it all go down?
I don’t think, I don’t think so

There’s not a word you can say I haven’t heard before
So give it up unless you want a little more
You think you’re pretty tough, so let’s throw down
It’s alright, I’m alright

#3 – Nothing Left to Say | Imagine Dragons

Below my soul, I feel an engine
Collapsing as it sees the pain
If I could only shut it out.
I’ve come too far to see the end now,
Even if my way is wrong,
I keep pushing on and on and on and on.

#4 – Euphemia | Area 11

Twisted by my warring conscience,
The situation’s pushing onwards.
Forever taints your name.
This can’t be, was this me?
I think I’ve lost control.
I caused this, I forced this,
Can I continue on?

#5 – Centuries | Fall Out Boy

Just one mistake,
Is all it will take,
We’ll go down in history,
Remember me for centuries.