Ways to Organize a Bookshelf

I recently took some time to entirely re-organize my bookshelf, and that got me thinking about all the possible ways to organize books. Here’s a few of my favorite ways.

#1 – By Looks

This is (mostly) the way I organize mine. I really just do what looks good. Though I personally also like to try my best to keep series and books by the same author next to each other.

#2 – By Author

Yup. Just go all library on your bookshelves. (I mean, if you’re anything like me, you probably basically have a library in your room anyways) When you have a lot of books, organizing them alphabetically by author tends to look kind of effortlessly good. I don’t really like to do it, but it’s good if you don’t want to constantly antagonize over the organization of your books like I do…

#3 – By Publisher

Now this is an interesting one that I actually thought about doing. It’d be cool to see a shelf organized like this. The main problem here is when books by the same author (or even in the same series) are printed by different publishers.

#4 – By Release Date

This would probably one of the easier ones to do, at least if you mostly buy books that have been recently released. This is actually how I organize my ARC shelf. The main problem here is splitting up series.

#5 – By Date Bought

Now, this is definitely the easiest. All you do is add books to where you left off last as you buy them. But, yet again, it splits up series.

#6 – By Color

In the end, just not my thing. But those shelves organized by rainbow that some people have are really pretty.

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