Book Playlist: Seaborne


#1 – Burning Bridges | One Republic

Send this out to sea.
Send it where you want it,
You can take it note for note and not at all.
There’s no filling up your spaces with fictionary places,
Imaginary faces they don’t work at all.

I, I keep on running,
I’m building bridges that I know you never wanted.
Look for my heart,
You stole it away,
Now on every single road that I could take,
Listen, I want you to burn my bridges down.

#2 – Riptide | Vance Joy

Lady, running down to the riptide
Taken away to the dark side
I wanna be your left hand man
I love you when you’re singing that song and
I got a lump in my throat because
You’re gonna sing the words wrong

#3 – Take It All Away | Owl City

I felt a pain in my chest with your kiss on my cheek,
And as I try to digest the words I couldn’t believe,
I’m left with nothing to say with my heart on my sleeve,
Making it easy to hurt and even harder to breathe.

So if you’re gonna go and leave me in a lonely grave,
I won’t let it show until you’ve finally flown away.

#4 – Budapest | George Ezra

My friends and family,
They, don’t understand.
They fear they’d lose so much,
If you take my hand.

But, for you,
I’d lose it all.