Top Ten Tuesday: Childhood Books I’d Like to Revisit

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and The Bookish, and is a book blogging feature where every week there is a different ‘top ten’ list of books to make.

This week is childhood books I’d like to read again, and boy are theres lots. I read so many fantastic middle grade books when I was kid. So many more than ten, so I have a few honorable mentions at the end. Also, mostly series, because I have always loved series.

#1 – Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

I used to re-read these all at least once a year, and now I haven’t read any of them in a few years… So I have to go back to them again. I love this series so much. (I might skip the last book entirely though…)

#2 – The Dolphin Diaries by Ben M. Baglio

I was OBSESSED with dolphins as a kid. Seriously obsessed. The extent of my personality was probably books, cats and dolphins. And ignoring my teachers and classmates, but that’s a different story. The Dolphin Diaries are this ten book series (I own all of them) about this girl’s time spent on this ship that is investigating dolphins… or something. It’s cool. And kind of ends open ended… I’m not sure if this re-read will be happening, but it might.

#3 – Animorphs by KA Applegate

This was the first series I ever loved- or read on my own for that matter. I never read all of them or in order though, because there were 54 and out of print once I was reading them… Ah well. I have a collection of 20 or so and they’re like one hour reads. Which is pretty fun.

#4 – The 39 Clues by Various Authors

This series has five spin off series now, (five!) but I first read it when the books were coming out. I thought it was really cool, and I have about half the books, so why not read it again.

#5 – The Seems by John Hulme

The Seems is probably one of the most imaginative settings ever and these books are such a fun and interesting trilogy. (Even if the last one always kind of rips my heart out) I would definitely recommend this series to people still. Also the puns and plays on words are kind of endless and insanely clever, if that’s something you’re into.

#6 – The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart

This series was SO COOL. Well, I really liked the first two books. The third one was kind of weird. I never read the prequel series but one of my friends tells me it’s really good.

#7 – The Island of the Aunts by Eva Ibotson

Well, I just chose the first one I read but I loved all of Ibotson’s books and would re-read most of them.

#8 – Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians by Brandon Sanderson

I recently read the first two books in the Reckoners series, and it reminded me just how much I love Sanderson’s writing. Alcatraz were the first books of his I read, and I love them so. I for sure know I’ll be re-reading them- I actually tracked down and bought my copies of the books. Even though the fourth one will still end the same way and I will still be tortured by the lack of the fifth book, I still need to read them again.

#9 – The Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley

I have read many fairy-tale adaptions since I read this series as a kid (okay I was in like 8th grade when the final one came out but shush) and it is still my favorite fairy-tale adaption. Or in my top two at least- the Lunar Chronicles are awesome too. My library now has this series in their digital collection and as books so I WILL be reading it again.

#10 – Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

Just this year I saw this book in a book store next to its sequel and realized that it’s a series! A series! A book I read like a hundred times as a kid is a series! I’m probably going to re-read it first before I read the next ones though…

Honorable Mentions: Emily Windsnap, Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat, The Lost Conspiracy, The Anybodies, No Talking (and other Andrew Clements) and Warriors. (well probably no re-read but maaaybbee. Big maybe.)

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