Black Friday Clothing Haul

This year I went Black Friday shopping at the Mall of America for the first time, and it actually wasn’t too crazy. The Mall of America is one of the malls closest to me, so it really makes most sense to go there. We arrived around two o’clock after the morning rush had ended, and since we took public transport we didn’t have to spend time fighting for a parking space.

The first store I stopped at was American Eagle. Normally I don’t shop there because a lot of their clothing seems a bit overpriced. But for black friday everything was 40% off, so it was actually very reasonable.

Black Friday #1

At American Eagle I bought two pairs of leggings, one velvet and one patterned, a simple grey sweater and a loose-cut lacy purple shirt. I also got a free fleecy blanket (pictured in the background) with my purchase.

The next store where I bought things was Nordstrom. They didn’t really have black friday sales, but I did buy a chunky knit coral sweater dress (above) from the brand BP and a new winter parka style coat (below) from Topshop that I really love.

Black Friday #2

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  1. Lovely Black Friday haul! I knew about the American Eagle sale, so I’m not sure why I didn’t go to that store. I think I was too intimidated to go shopping on Black Friday. Too many cat fights! And that is such a cute dress from Nordstrom, just that outfit in general, too!

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