Ridiculous Catalyst Theories

In honor of the third book in the Insignia series releasing in 10 days, I thought I would share a few ridiculous won’t-ever-happen “theories” for what events might be contained within Catalyst.

  1. Tom and Medusa will meet face to face and it will be awesome. (This one’s not a ridiculous theory- it’s more one I really hope will happen.)
  2. We will see Nigel Harrison again, this time as the NSA’s walking, talking computer.
  3. Blackburn will finally get tired of everyone’s crap and quit, leaving his spot to be filled by Wyatt Enslow and a few robots she builds to be her assistants.
  4. It will be found out that all Coalition CEOs have neural processors and that they are all so evil because Vengerov wrote them a program that makes them care only about money and power, and not about what they have to do to people to obtain it.
  5. Vik will inherit Walton’s gnome minions.
  6. Heather will come back as a zombie (or ghost)  and she will be super mad.
  7. Or, better yet, Heather was somehow downloaded to the Spire systems before she was killed, and will not have a turn as the ghost in the machine.
  8. Vik is elected president.
  9. Vik and Tom buy matching Doctor Doom masks and wear them everywhere.
  10. Wyatt, Tom and Vik make an accidental discovery and win the Nobel Prize. (Alternatively, Tom takes down the coalition and wins the Nobel Peace Prize for doing so.)

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