Book Haul: (#2) Books from Boston and Barnes and Noble Samplers!

(Pretty sure this is number two? If not than… psh. Now it is.)

Book Haul #2 - 1

I went to Boston for two-ish weeks, and of course I come home with more books. (At least it was only two this time!) I bought Since You’ve Been Gone at The Coop bookstore in Harvard Square- they have pretty much any type of book in that store. It’s fantastic.

I bought The Manga Guide To Physics at the MIT Museum. There was also a manga guide to calculus and electricity. Maybe if I like this one I’ll try to track those down too.

As of right now I’ve read ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ and flipped through ‘The Manga Guide to Physics.’

Book Haul #2 - 2

Also, earlier in July my parents were kind enough to stop at a Barnes and Noble to pick up some samplers for me while I was busy at a swim meet. I had only really wanted The Young Elites but they ended up taking one of everything that the store had. Along with these samplers there were also some freebie comics and two posters- one for The Testing series and one for the anime of Sword Art Online!

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