A Sunday in the Cities

As I’m busy with school and sports most of the week, the only days I really have time for going places and doing things are Sundays.

This Sunday me and my family had planned on taking a sort of “tour” of all the most popular/best ice cream places in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Unfortunately, it ended up being rainy and cold all day, but we did manage to make it to two of the places we had planned to go.

photo SJIC_zps99a83eba.png

First we went to Sebastian Joe’s in Minneapolis.

Sebastian Joes Group

I ordered an Oreo Ice Cream Sundae, my mom and dad both ordered a chocolate-banana flavor with a fancy name I can’t remember, and my grandma ordered a scoop of chocolate raspberry.

Sebastian Joes Oreo Sundae

Sebastian Joes Raspberry and Banana

The cafe had a really nice atmosphere, and with the fire in the restaurant it didn’t feel to cold to be eating ice cream. The area with tables also had some glass garage doors on the wall that looked like they were designed to be opened on sunnier days. Maybe I’ll go back during summer to see?

Sebastian Joes

After that we walked a block or so to the Wild Rumpus, a bookstore my mom knew about but I had never visited.

photo wildrumpusmap_zps498726d5.png

What was really cool about this bookstore was that along with many, many tightly packed books they also had a bunch of animals! They had some pet rats, a ferret, a pair of small chickens, a tropical bird, a few Manx cats and two chinchillas.

Wild Rumpus Chinchilla

They had so many different genres of books and lots of books from each genre. On each shelf I didn’t see more than one or two copies of each book. They would probably keep more copies in the back. It was technically a children’s bookstore, but they also had a great collection of Young Adult novels.

Wild Rumpus Books

Manx in Window

All the animals, the cats especially, were super friendly. One we first came in to the bookstore (right after it opened) two of the cats were sitting on the windowsill, and by the time we left one of them was napping among the display stack of books. I, of course, didn’t make it out of the store without a few books to bring home. (5 in all. Opps.)

photo edinacreamerymap_zps915ba607.png

Next we drove over to Edina, to visit the Edina creamery. This time we only got two servings of ice cream- one mango sherbert and one salted caramel, which was very creamy. My mom also got a coffee, but she said it wasn’t very good. This time we were the only ones in the store.

Edina Creamery

After that we went to a burger place for a late lunch/early dinner, and that was the end of our day. (Well, I ran into a curb and managed to break my mom’s car’s bumper, but that’s a story for another time…)